1915 Bespoke Tuxedo

1915 Bespoke Tuxedo

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Extraordinary vintage bespoke tuxedo of cutaway tail coat and matching trousers. Very elegantly cut with wonderful pocket details and a cinch back on the trousers. Luxurious wool with the handfeel of cashmere along with silk satin lapels and buttons. The pants have a unique button fly construction that is worth noting. Both the jacket and pants have a tailors tag with the date 1-2-1915- I wonder what New Year's revelries necessitated getting a new tux? Predominatly in pristine condition, one issue will need seeing to. The back central panel of the lining of the coat will need replacement or encapsulating as it has stress tears. Chest is 42-44" with 31.5" sleeves, Pants are waist 42" inseam 31"

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