Welcome to Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing's 1940s Men's Section!

If the thought of going to the mall fills you with dread and your sense of what looks best for you is NOT the vintage redux at the major stores but the real thing. Well you've found the right spot! 1940s Vintage Clothing for Men....
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1940s Men's Clothing

Chalk Stripe 1940s Suit
Price: $399.00
Size: Chest 38" Waist 32"
1940s Plaid Double Breasted Suit
Price: $325.00
Size: 38 regular
1940s Bob Hope Gabardine Shirt
Price: $195.00
Size: Chest 40"
40s Ice Blue Satin Sport Shirt
Price: $59.00
Size: Large Chest 42"
1940s Airman Sport Shirt
Size: XL Chest 50"

1940s Flecked Hollywood Jacket
Size: XL Chest 48"

1940s Gabardine Sport Shirt
Size: Chest 42"

1940s Tropical Print Sport Shirt
Price: $185.00
Size: Chest 42"
1940s Flecked Double Breasted Jacket
Price: $95.00
Size: 41 Short
1940s Reversible Plaid Jacket
Price: $139.00
Size: Chest 38"
1940s Flannel Double Breasted Suit Jacket
Price: $125.00
Size: Chest 44"
1940s Ensenada Sport Shirt
Price: $79.00
Size: ML Chest 44"
1940s Suede Hollywood Jacket
Price: $189.00
Size: Chest 36"
Vintage Lee Long L Jelt Denim Overalls
Price: $139.00
Size: Waist 32" Inseam 29"
Genuine WWII Pullover Hooded Parka
Price: $179.00
Size: XL
1940s Satin Zipper Jacket
Price: $175.00
Size: Chest 42"
1940s Flannel Slacks
Price: $135.00
Size: 34 X 27.5"
1940s Khaki Work Shirt
Price: $59.00
Size: Small Chest 38"
WWII 1st Air Force 1st Sgt. Khaki Shirt
Price: $85.00
Size: Chest 38"
1940s Bowling Shirt
Price: $59.00
Size: XL. Chest 48"
40s L.L.Bean Shirt
Price: $55.00
Size: Chest 42"
1940s Duxbak Hunting Pants
Price: $95.00
Size: Waist 38"
WWII Air Force Uniform Shirt
Price: $98.00
Size: Medium Chest 41"
Button Fly 1940s Work Pants
Price: $98.00
Size: Waist 40"
Vintage Jeans
Price: $195.00
Size: Small
WWII Navy White Pants
Price: $75.00
Size: 38 X 30
1940s "Long L" Lee Jelt Denim Jacket
Price: $375.00
Size: XXL Chest 50
1940s Roundhouse Work Shirt
Price: $125.00
Size: Chest 38"
1940s Safari Jacket
Price: $135.00
Size: Chest 44"
Classic 1940s Khaki Shirt
Price: $65.00
Size: Chest 36" - 38"
1940s Levi's 501ZXX
Price: $269.00
Size: Waist 32"
1940s Palm Beach Suit
Size: Chest 39, Waist 32"