Men's Vintage Sixties Clothing.

From the cool mod fashions of the beginning of the decade to the wild psychedelic moods of the later years you can find examples at Ballyhoo. Vintage Clothing, you feelin' it? Vintage Clothing for Men...
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1960's Men's Clothing

Vintage Mod Black Men's Suit
Price: $179.00
Size: Chest 38" Waist 32" Inseam 29.5"
Super Mod 60s Tab Collar Dress Shirt
Price: $59.00
Size: Medium Chest 40"
Mod Paisley Men's Vintage Shorts
Price: $35.00
Size: Waist 28"
60s Italian Knit Pullover
Price: $24.00
Size: Large chest 42"
1960s Henley Knit Shirt
Price: $29.00
Size: Small
1960s Grandpa Cardigan Sweater
Price: $45.00
Size: Chest 36"
1960s Vintage Golf Sweater
Price: $35.00
Size: XXL Chest 54"
Vintage Work jacket
Price: $39.00
Size: 46 Regular
1960s Arrow Cum Laude Dress Shirt
Price: $39.00
Size: Large 44" Chest
Striped Vintage Cardigan Sweater
Price: $42.00
Size: XL Chest to 50"
1960s Mod 3 Piece Suit
Price: $169.00
Size: Chest 41" Waist 33"
The Perfect 1960s Henley
Price: $59.00
Size: Medium & Large Avail.
Work Jacket from the 1960s
Price: $39.00
Size: Small 36 L
Levi's Stags Tapered Mod Slacks
Price: $149.00
Size: 27 x 27
Sixties Mod Striped Sport Shirt
Price: $29.00
Size: Small Chest 40"
Button Fly Striped Flares
Price: $59.00
Size: 29 X 31
Summer of Love Striped Hippie Pants
Price: $55.00
Size: Waist 29" Hips 36" Inseam 30"
1960s Sharkskin Cowboy Pants
Price: $59.00
Size: Waist 36" Inseam 29"
60s Mod Leesures Tapered Slacks
Price: $79.00
Size: 31 X 30
Early 60s Cowden 7-11 Skinny Jeans
Price: $79.00
Size: 27" X 36"
Wrangler Pleat Front Denim Jacket
Price: $89.00
Size: Chest 46"
Broomsticks Mod 60s Slacks
Price: $65.00
Size: 27" X 29"
Mod Vintage Striped Shirt
Price: $22.00
Size: Medium Chest 42"
Mod Sixties Sharkskin Slacks
Price: $49.00
Size: Waist 27"
1960s Madras Plaid Sport Shirt
Price: $49.00
Size: Chest 36"
Vintage Two Tone Baseball Jacket
Price: $35.00
Size: Chest 42"
Distressed Lee Jelt Denim Overalls
Price: $95.00
Size: Waist 34" Inseam 22"
Lee 101-J Denim jacket Size 50!!
Price: $139.00
Size: Chest 50"
Big Ben Denim Chore Jacket
Price: $79.00
Size: Chest 40"
Big E  Levi's 2 Pocket Jacket
Price: $225.00
Size: Chest 38"
1960s Wrangler Chore Jacket
Price: $79.00
Size: Chest 38"
Ely Pleat Front Denim Jacket
Price: $39.00
Size: chest 34"
1960s Cashmere Overcoat
Price: $139.00
Size: 38 Regular
Lee Denim Jacket
Price: $49.00
Size: XL Chest 48"
1960s Indigo Jean Jacket
Price: $29.00
Size: Chest 36"
1960s 3 Button Sport Coat
Price: $69.00
Size: Chest 40"