1940s Palm Beach White Dinner Jacket

1940s Palm Beach White Dinner Jacket

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If you need to look just right for a Friday night at Rick's Cafe or have a lux event to attend this is the ticket. Palm Beach 1930s and 40s formal wear and suits are the best. Typically for warm weather or climates like Southern California (If the Label wasn't obvious) or perhaps Morocco. A ventless design with no lining so you're comfortable in warmer situations and look great. The fellow who originaly bought this put the receipt in the pocket- J. L. Hudson's in Detroit. He bought two at the time for the equivalent of $250. each. Very good condition. A small faint stain on the inside of one arm near the elbow. Otherwise quite nice and bright. All rayon with a linen feel. Size 41 Long. Length 30" Sleeve 36.5"
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