70s Mod Bond Girl Jumpsuit

70s Mod Bond Girl Jumpsuit

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Fantastic skintight jersey knit wool jumpsuit by Geist and Geist. Couture quality. In an interview in 1976, Mike Geist remarked that his influences were Flash Gordon and Dr Marie Calderone* of "The Sex Information and Education Council." "For Geist, The Comic strip and movie character is unquestionably the most reliable futurist of all time. Geist reasons that the form fitting tunic pantsuits and togas that Flash's girlfriend Dale Arden wore helped relieve tension on those journeys into space - and there in lies a fashion message for today. " The Milwaukee Journal Aug 13 '76. This 'space suit' has full sleeves with knit cuffs and small zipper pockets on the back of the wrist for your communicator device and mini ray-gun. According to Dr Calderone, pulling down the zipper a bit in the front will help relieve tension and encourage communication…Excellent condition. Bust 36" Waist 27" Hips 39"

* Renowned sex educator and daughter of Edward Steichen.

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