1957 Rugged Magazine with Bettie Page!

1957 Rugged Magazine with Bettie Page!

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Vintage Rugged mens magazine from April 1957 featuring the one and only Bettie Page. More cheesecake than girlie mag with articles like "Why your girl friends are nuts about Elvis Presley, Jimmy Dean, Pat Boone, and Bill Haley"  and yes, one of these is not like the other - seriously Elvis Presley and Pat Boone - same list? Nope not having it. Plenty of lithe and luscious lovelies frolicking about in various stages of undress plus hard hitting articles on the nightclubs of Bold Bad Brussels, and steamy fiction. Awesome article on the fabulous pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager too! Oh and cartoons - wonderfully lascivious and absurd cartoons.

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