1960s 21 Club Silk Scarf

1960s 21 Club Silk Scarf

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Stunning vintage 21 Club scarf. A gift scarf from the famous New York club and former speakeasy designed by Ray Strauss of Symphony Scarves. The 21 Club is one of the oldest clubs in NYC. The cliche film trope of the speakeasy with the lever to spin the shelves probably comes from the lever at 21 which would dump the shelves of hooch down a chute and then into the city's sewer. These scarves were not available for purchase. You had to be given one by the owners of the club , Jack Kriendler and Charlie Burns. Each design was numbered, this one is XXII-22. which makes it mid 1960s. The designs always have the clubs signature jockey and iron railings incorporated into the pattern. Silk twill with gold hand rolled edges. Very good condition! 31" square.

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