Vintage Kodak Tourist II Camera

Vintage Kodak Tourist II Camera

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Pristine Kodak Tourist II roll film camera. Nice heavy chunky folding camera in putty gray plastic and shiny chrome. The black leather bellows is so clean and glossy! This is the lower price version with a simple kodet lens and Kodon shutter. f12.5-f32 and synced for flashbulbs. Perfect for Lomography fun! You can modifiy with a dremel to accept 120 film or respool your own. Or take the simple route and buy film from B&H in NY. Color and black and white are still available. Takes a massive negative 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 on 620 roll film. Fixed focus. Be the first to take pictures with this gem. Never used, perfectly functional. Of course you could just put it on a shelf and admire it's beauty as an object d'arte.
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