50s Hathaway Viyella Sport Shirt

50s Hathaway Viyella Sport Shirt

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legendary Viyella Sport shirt by Hathaway. Wool flannel blend. Hide-a-way loop collar. Beautiful dark royal blue. Fantastic construction. Generous fit. From a vintage newspaper ad:

1. Viyella is spun in Englad- A stone's throw from Sherwood Forest.

2.Viyella is made from Australian Lamb's wool and unusually fine, strong cotton.

3.Viyella is warm yet light. hence never feels bulky under a sport jacket.

4. Viyella is washable. Never mats, fades or feels prickly. And if it shrinks, We replace.

5. Viyella wears amazingly well- A matter of years. This is a good point to keep in mind when considering price."

How could you go wrong! Excellent condition. Medium. Chest 42" Neck 15-15.5" Sleeve 34.5"
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