1950s Tweed Two Tone Fitted jacket

1950s Tweed Two Tone Fitted jacket

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Vintage 50s tailored jacket in soft and wonderful tweed. When you usually think of tweed you probably think of rough and scrappy stuff. Not so with this jacket. The yarn is silky soft and so warm and cuddly. Nubs of white and brown wool with panels of soft wool flannel set the theme. The collar and button placket are both faced with the flannel. The carved plastic buttons have centers that mimic tweed. Fully Lined in rust brown rayon crepe. The design elements are clever and include a neat belted back with a closed pleat, slit cuffs that can be turned up for more drama and half moon pockets with a seam that carries the line up to the chest. A slight bell shape hints at the designs of the early 1950s. You know, with jackets like this we always think of country houses with lots of wood and stone and big long Town and Country estate cars with wooden panel sides. Oh, and you have to get a big friendly Irish Setter that loves everyone and drools everywhere! Excellent condition. Bust 36-38" Shoulders 17" Length 25"

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