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Started out in 1990 and has been online since 1997 selling unique ahead of the curve vintage clothing.

At Ballyhoo you'll find togs for men and women from the 1930s to the 1980s with a focus on providing vintage fashion that is unexpected, unique and chosen with our customers in mind. We've had many thousands of online customers who were happy with their purchases, we want you to join them!

It's the details that set clothes from earlier eras apart from the run of the mill mall finds. How a pocket is set or pleats that accentuate your best curves or a unique color or pattern that says how you feel right now. If you want to be impressed, turn one of our garments inside out, then a dress or pair of pants from some box store. Notice how on the older piece the seams are generous, Not so on that frippery from the mall. On a true period piece there might be a little strap with a snap to hold a slip in place, or a hidden pocket in the waistband of slacks to secret that watch, lucky silver dollar or ipod nano.

Here at Ballyhoo you can find lots of beautiful dresses from the glamorous 1930s, The sexy “New Look” post war silhouette worn so well by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor or Lucille Ball, The cool mod fashion of Audrey Hepburn or the chic style of Betty Draper from Mad Men, Our retro menswear selections are carefully chosen and reflect a taste refined by years in the business. We also pride ourselves on our selection of plus size clothing. Our small staff wants you to be super happy with your purchase when it arrives. Check out our 10 day return policy.