Please enjoy our selection of men's 1930s vintage clothing, including vintage workwear, sportswear and formal wear. It's hard to beat the rugged and sophisticated masculine styles of the 1930s!

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1930s Men's Clothing

1930s Men's Vintage Tuxedo Suit
Price: $275.00
Size: Chest 36" Waist 30"
1930s Tuxedo Jacket
Price: $125.00
Size: 40 Long
Edwardian Tuxedo Cutaway Tail Coat
Price: $175.00
Size: Chest 37" (Armpit to armpit 20")
Thirties Vintage Sweater
Price: $159.00
Size: Chest 36-38"
1930s Cardigan Work Sweater
Price: $195.00
Size: Small
1930s Wool Wide Leg Slacks
Price: $225.00
Size: Waist 29" Inseam 37"
1930s Flannel Shirt
Price: $69.00
Size: Chest 36"
1915 Bespoke Tuxedo
Price: $389.00
Size: Chest 42-44, Waist 42
1930s Overalls by Bloch
Price: $290.00
Size: Waist 46" Inseam 32"
Deadstock 1930s Pleat Front Denim Jacket
Price: $325.00
Size: Boys 14 Chest 34"
1930s Herringbone Tweed Suit
Price: $259.00
Size: Chest 33" Sleeve 31.5" Jacket length 26" Waist 28" Inseam -unfinished hem 34"
1930s Royal Blue Tweed Slacks
Price: $159.00
Size: Waist 29" Possible to 30.5"
1930s Sweet-Orr Black Chambray Riding Pants
Price: $195.00
Size: Waist 48"
1930s Red Ball Sharecropper Overalls
Price: $189.00
Size: 36" X 31"
1930s Silk Dress Shirt
Price: $95.00
Size: Small to Medium
1930s Prewar Silk jacket
Price: $139.00
Size: Chest 38"
1930s Cotton Pants
Price: $165.00
Size: 31" X 32"
Vintage Henley Undershirt
Price: $149.00
Size: Chest 46"
1930s Sport Shirt
Price: $89.00
Size: Small, Chest 38"
Turn of the Century Union Suit
Price: $195.00
Size: XL
1930s Skivvies
Price: $189.00
Size: Chest to 36" Waist 32"
1930s Long Underwear
Price: $75.00
Size: Waist 48
1930s Wool Dressing Gown
Price: $165.00
Size: Chest 36"
1930s McGregor Sport Shirt
Price: $65.00
Size: Chest 34" - 36"
30s Military Shirt
Price: $49.00
Size: Chest 38"
Rugged 1930s Leather Jacket
Price: $375.00
Size: Chest 40"