1956 Juli Lynne Charlot Circle Skirt

1956 Juli Lynne Charlot Circle Skirt

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Super cool rare Presidential campaign circle skirt for Adlai Stevenson, the democratic candidate in 1956 who ran against incumbent president Eisenhower. Juli Lynne Charlot made skirts for both candidates. They are stylistically very similar and share many details. This wool felt skirt has a grand White house with a moving van outside. A democratic mascot donkey has left his hoof print on the rump of the Republican elephant with resultant stars. Across the back are A farmer, A small business man and a man on the street. There are hand drawn details on many of the appliques. Truly a piece of art. A red satin waistband lining. Zipper closure. Excellent condition. Waist 27" Length 29"

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