"The American" Magazine Sept. 1949

"The American" Magazine Sept. 1949

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With stories of the red scare, "The Sharper Sword and communists in the inner city, this cold war era magazine hits all of the buttons. With full color ads and illustrations by the likes of Walter Baumhofer, Andrew Loomis and Thornton Utz. One intriguing story is about regular people and their hobbies, If you can call Frances Glessner Lee regular. Heiress to International Harvester, Captain New Hampshire State Police, Dairy Farmer, founder of the dept of legal medicine at the Harvard Medical School and expert model maker of "scenes of unexplained death"? She teaches a course once a year to state troopers using 17 of her models which depict in amazing detail scenes of violent death, gunfire, arson, poisoning explosions etc, each scene contains clues for the officers to try and explain how the victims met their death. We'll let you read the rest! BTW she looks like someone's grandmother baking cookies! very good condition. Some dog eared pages and the spine has a short ter in one end.

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