1920s Art Deco Egyptian Style Jasmine Incense

1920s Art Deco Egyptian Style Jasmine Incense

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Fantastic original unopened package of incense. Oriental Incense " La Rose De Cashmere" From the Oriental Incense Company of Boston. When King Tut's Tomb was discovered By Howard Carter all things ancient Egyptian became hugely popular. An entire style of Art Deco florished and parties with a vague Egyptian theme were popular as was Egyptian style interior design. If you happen to collect bronze incense burners from this period this would be your perfect accessory! "Several of the world famous dancers, in interpreting the ancient dances on the American stage are using this incense" Mata Hari was a practitioner of this sort of dance eh? Also Perhaps Isadora Duncan? We've included a scan of the information sheet found in the package. One of the packages we found was crushed, we rescued the instructions so you can get a glimpse of what is inside. The incense is small sticks of charcoal infused with the scent of jasmine I believe. The package is 3" x 6" and 1" thick.

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