1930s Haute Couture Velvet Beret by Rose Valois

1930s Haute Couture Velvet Beret by Rose Valois

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Stunning copper silk velvet design by Rose Valois. High dramatic peak. Origami folds of lusciousnesss held on with two matching hat pins. Rose Valois was a design house founded by three women, Madame Fernand Cleuet, Vera Leigh and another. Vera Leigh, a Brit, left the firm to join the French resistance and was captured, tortured and executed by the Nazis. She is considered a heroine of the effort. A member of the SOE. This prewar chapeau comes from the estate of a French and Serbian aristocrat who became the Duchess of Leeds in the early 30s. A friend of Chanel and frequent customer of Schiaparelli, Edward Molyneaux, Jacques Griffe, Maggy Rouff and others. Excellent condition. 

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