Wool Flannel 1950s Capri Pants

Wool Flannel 1950s Capri Pants

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Unworn new old black wool flannel capri pants from the 1950s. These capri pants feature a tasteful tapered design that was emblematic of the era, delivering a tailored and flattering fit that accentuates the wearer's silhouette. Sewn pintuck pleats run down the full length of the pants, adding a touch of refinement to their overall appearance. The pleats contribute a sense of depth and texture to the design, setting these capris apart as a true fashion statement. Side metal zipper. these capri pants are an exquisite, Unworn relic of a bygone era, ready to be embraced by a modern fashion enthusiast. Their timeless style and pristine condition make them a genuine gem of 1950s fashion, evoking a sense of timeless grace and sophistication. Pristine. Waist 23" Hips 36" Rise 14" Inseam 25"

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